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Popsicle Stick Wall Art


Popsicle stick wall art – arrows

I found a solution for the hallway wall – popsicle sticks! I saw this post, on the blog Be Still Life, about popsicle stick art and gave it a go myself. She painted the sticks then hung them, I stained the sticks then stuck them. The whole project cost me about $3 because I had a majority of the materials.


  • Popsicle sticks. I used 47 for all three arrows. I think most popsicle stick packs have 75 sticks in them. I know the Dollar Tree sells them.
  • Wood stain. I bought this stain at Home Depot a while ago. It was $8ish and I’ve used it to stain tables, frames, and now sticks!
  • A hot glue gun and hot glue. These are staples every DIYer should have! I’ve had my glue gun so long I don’t remember where I got it but you can buy one just about anywhere.
  • Foam brushes. They sell packs of 6 at the Dollar Tree.
  • Paper towels or a cheap washcloth.
  • 3M double-sided foam tape
  • Plastic gloves


  1. Stain the sticks! Put on the plastic gloves because stain does stain. Then using a foam paint brush, apply a thin layer of stain over all surfaces of all the sticks you plan to use. I stained all 75 of them and now need to come up with another popsicle stick craft to use the rest. My sister gave me an idea for a headboard. Stay tuned.
  2. Let the stain dry for at least 30 minutes. Once it’s dry, take the paper towel or wash cloth and wipe every surface of the sticks. The stain will come off onto the cloth. This step is important – if you don’t wipe the stain off, the sticks will be very sticky.
  3. Heat up the glue gun and get gluing. I made all the points of the arrow first. I did this by overlapping the sticks to form a triangle then put a dab of glue at each intersection.
  4. Make the tails of the arrows. I used 8 sticks for each tail. I made one row at a time and glued at every intersection.
  5. Connect the point with the tail. I made the connecting piece two sticks wide for each arrow. I made two of the arrows shorter and one arrow longer. For the shorter arrows, I made the connecting piece two sticks long. For the longer arrow, I made the connecting piece three sticks long.
  6. To attach them to the wall, I stuck 3M tape strips to the back of each arrow.
  7. Then I just eye-balled where they should go and stuck them on the wall.
    IMG_5115 IMG_5113IMG_5111

18 thoughts on “Popsicle Stick Wall Art”

  1. This took like 5 minutes to put together. I only made one and spray painted it afterwards. Cute idea….thanks!

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  3. I love crafts,sewing,quilts,and cross stitch! I love rustic decor and can’t see paying for items when I can do it.

    Thank you for sharing your designs, I really appreciate it!!! I have made the octagon craft stick shelves and want to do more!!

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