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DIY Nesting Storage Boxes


I’ve seen a whole bunch of Pins on Pinterest for “Kate Spade inspired storage boxes” and thought I’d try it myself. It was easy and looks great! I made one box for about $4 which is a whole lot better than $54 for three boxes from Kate Spade.


  • Plain storage boxes. I bought these two black boxes at Ikea for $4 total.
  • Gold Sharpie – $2 at Target.
  • One quarter


  1. Lay the quarter flat on one side of the box. Trace the quarter. Repeat several times until you have the outline of polka dots across the entire box.
    IMG_5401 IMG_5403 IMG_5404 IMG_5406
  2. Fill in all the circles until the box is covered in polka dots.




I made the striped boxes several months ago. To make them, I stuck painter’s tape on the box, painted gold acrylic paint over the rest of the box, pulled the painters’ tape off, and let the paint dry.


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