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DIY Large Wood Frame $13

DIY Large Wood Frame


My building manager offered to paint an accent wall so I took the opportunity to make my fireplace pop and my mantle more pronounced. A large empty frame took some serious real estate on the wall. I couldn’t find an inexpensive one so I made this for about $13. (I also made the stocking hangers and re-vamped the vase and sticks. Details on those to come!)

The wall looked really bare and needed something to anchor all the pieces above the mantle.



The frame ties everything together and takes up a good amount of space.


  1. Four two-hole straight brackets. $2.47 each at Home Depot here.
  2. One trim piece, 1 inch x 2 inches x 8 feet cut into four pieces, two of which are 22 inches, two of which are 26 inches. Use the hand saw at the hardware store to cut them or ask a friendly worker to help out. The wood is at Home Depot, here for $1.98.
  3. Eight ½ inch wood screws, like these. $0.33 each.
  4. Wood Stain. I used this stain I had left over from my DIY Popsicle Stick Wall Art project.
  5. Foam brush
  6. Dry washcloth or towel
  7. Electric drill


  1. At the hardware store, cut the wood strip into four pieces, two of which are 22 inches, two of which are 26 inches.
  2. When you get home, use the foam brush to paint a thin coat of stain on the top and sides of each piece of wood.
  3. Let the stain soak in and dry for about an hour, then wipe off the excess stain with the washcloth of towel. This step removes the sticky residue the stain leaves on the wood.
  4. Once the stain is dry, lay all four pieces face down, connected so that they form a rectangle.
  5. Lay the brackets on each corner so that one hole is on one trim piece and the other hole is on the other trim piece. As you can see in the picture, I put down a strip of tape to mark where to put the brackets, but this isn’t necessary.
    IMG_5439 IMG_5438
  6. Use the electric drill to drill all eight screws into the trim pieces.
  7. Flip over, hang, and enjoy!

IMG_5287 IMG_5288


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